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Minute of the Rosehill Group of Parents with Children with SEN: Meeting No2 Wednesday 18th November 2:15pm @ Rosehill Primary School Present: Vicky Moores Maxine Smith Margaret Clemper Clark Valerie Rynn Parveen Qamar François Ladam- Family Cohesion Coordinator Dave Whiting SENCO Agenda Name for the group. Presentation and role of the SENCO. What is the SEN register? Think about a tool for supply teachers to be aware of children conditions and specificity. Name the group: Francois Ladam asked the forum to think about a name for the group. It has to be a name  without stigma and with a positive meaning. All ideas are welcome for the next forum and will be decided at that time. What is a SENCO? Mr. Whiting, SENCO at Rosehill Primary School, introduced himself and his role. SENCO status was first defined in the special educational needs code of practice (1994). This document listed the responsibilities of SENCOs. These included: working with, advising and contributing to the training of other teachers the teaching of, and maintaining records of, children with special educational needs keeping in touch with the parents of children with SEN working with other agencies, including the educational psychology service, medical and social services and voluntary bodies The SEN code of practice (2001) further explained and expanded on the responsibilities of the SENCO. The SENCO was now to have a more management-orientated role in relation to a child's special educational needs. The SENCO became responsible for: ensuring the liaison between parents and carers ensuring that individual educational plans (IEPs) were in place advising other staff about SEN and having a school policy for dealing with SEN children putting in place a graduated response system to meet children’s needs at the earliest opportunity What is the SEN register? Mr. Whiting explained what the SEN register is: The Special Education Needs register is a list of children, established by class teachers and the Learning Support Team. This register specifies the individual extra support a child requires, in order to achieve academically or in other aspects of the curriculum. The register specifies the needs of each child and records them as Class Action , School Action and  School Action Plus. Each child on the SEN register has got an Individual Education Plan.    Every teacher, the SENCO and the Learning Support Team meet once a term to review each individual child on the SEN register to assess progress. They can take the child off the register if there is no extra support needed, or increase the support if required.  Q: How can parents be aware of the SEN meeting’s assessments? R: The SEN meeting is usually a few days before Parents Evening. The teachers can explain the IEP to each individual parent during the meeting and give them a copy. For the third SEN meeting of the year, school will send the IEP home with the child    How can a supply teacher be aware of a child’s conditions and specificity? Mr Whiting agreed that this was an area that needed to be improved. He explained that in the front of the SEN file would be a list of all the children in class who are School action or school action plus and what each child’s specific needs are. Actions For Francois Ladam to send the minutes to everybody For Francois to Invite Parent Partnership to the next meeting. For a forum to find a name for the group. Next Meeting – Wednesday 29th February 2012 2.15am Start: 2:15pm, end: 3:15pm Any agenda items to be emailed to the Parents group to the email address
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