Rosehill Governing Body Dear Parents and Guardians, As the Chair of Governors at Rosehill Methodist Primary School may I welcome you to the Governors section of the website and to a brief introduction to the role that governors play in the development of the school. Our governing body is founded on Methodist principles, and its role is to effectively support and challenge the senior leadership. Who are they? Governors are volunteers who give their time and expertise to help ensure appropriate strategic oversight of the school. They come from a wide range of personal and professional backgrounds ensuring a diverse mix of experience and opinions. Some governors are appointed by the Methodist Church to ensure that the school maintains and develops its Methodist ethos.  Other governors are appointed by the Local Authority, the staff and the parents. The Governing Body also appoints representatives from the local community. This ensures that all views are represented. What do they do? The governors work with the schools senior leaders to make key decisions about a number of things including monitoring achievement and standards, reviewing school policies, appointing staff, agreeing and monitoring spending and overseeing the development of the curriculum. The governing body ensures clarity of vision, ethos and strategic direction; holds leadership accountable for standards against performance benchmarks; satisfies itself that the school budget is spent well and ensures that the school leadership complies with statutory regulations It also agrees and oversees a range of key documents/policies including the school’s self-evaluation report the school improvement plan, the school budget and the staff appraisal policy. How do they do this? They can do this because they know the school well. They visit the school whenever they can both, formally (interviewing staff, attending meetings etc.) and informally (to see sports days, concerts etc.). They can see whether the school is operating efficiently and, by receiving reports from the headteacher and other leaders in the school and by talking to stakeholders (pupils, parents staff etc.) they can see how the school is progressing.  By looking at data they can see how well the school is performing compared to other schools and previous years. If you would like to know more about the work of the governors please feel free to contact me at school. Alan Rea Chair of Governors
Liz Crosby
Mike MacCafferty
Revd. Julie Coates
Alan Rea
Ferdousi Karim
Lindsay Kingsley
Dave Whiting
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Richard Clayworth
David Tickle
Jean McManus
Anna Goodwin
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Kathy Allen
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