Rosehill Methodist Community Primary School Rose Hill Road, Ashton-under-Lyne, Lancashire  OL6 8YG A Parents Guide to using Dienes/Base 10
At Rosehill School we believe children should be able to work with objects to help them understand the number system. Working with materials in this way supports children's understanding of number size and place value. Children begin to use objects and materials to create numbers, add, subtract, multiply and divide. They move onto using pictures and jottings as they become more familiar with constructs and start to use symbols. All children can benefit from exploring this way - all the way up to year 6. Some of the materials we use in school are called Dienes or Base 10. 
Your child may come home from school and talk about these. To help you join in with the conversation and support your child, we have included some links below to a series of videos which explain how we use Dienes or Base 10 in school. Please do not hesitate to contact school if you need any more information.
We would like to thank  ST Helena’s Church of England Primary School, Willoughby for allowing us to use these videos.
How to add using Dienes cubes.
How to subtract using Dienes cubes
How to multiply using Dienes cubes
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